Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dancing With Jesus

The best dances begin with hugs. This morning, during worship at our church, our leader led us in a new song--a spontaneous melody with simple words. We quieted the volume and I pictured us each dancing with Jesus and whispering the song into His ear, as if we were hugging Him and sharing a secret.

Then we broke into "How He Loves"--a song in 3/4 time (or is it 6/8)? Either way, there we were, waltzing with God.

Dancing with God is a metaphor for life. He leads. We follow. He moves, we move. He stops, we stop.

A dance is intimate. Jesus wants an intimate relationship with us. He wants to be personal. He already knows all about our lives, but He wants us to discuss our lives with Him. To follow Him. To entrust our lives with Him.

We surrender our lives to Him, taking His hand, stepping out onto the dance floor of life and letting Him spin us around the floor.

That's what He's after.

Because your life, in God's hands, has all the potential the Creator placed in you.