Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Kisses of God

Sunshine and warm temps after months of cool and cloudy weather. 

The gentle sound of wooden wind chimes in the breeze.

The glory of flowers in an inviting garden.

God knowing what I need, and meeting those needs. And beyond that, God knowing my heart’s desires and fulfilling some of those too.

Beauty blesses me. God knows that and surrounds me in His beautiful creation.

Music ministers to me, God meets me in it.

Cool water refreshes me; God offers living water too.

Are you aware of the kisses of God in your life? How does God personally minister to you?

The kisses of God have another aspect. When we read His Word, and His message comes alive, that is another form of kisses from God. We draw close to Him by opening His Word and praying, and He meets us there with something applicable to our lives.

We can kiss God back. How? Through worship. Sincere praise, sincere connection with God in worship is kissing God back. (blessing Him back)

Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth—
      For Your love
is better than wine. (Song of Songs 1:2)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give In To God's Love

I love the ocean. Recently, our family visited the Pacific coast. Powerful waves rolled in, chasing us up the shore. Saltiness scented the air. The blueness of sky and sea stretched on and on, north to south, and beyond the western horizon. Experiencing the ocean woos me to God.

Our flower garden woos me to God. All I have to do is gaze through the window while I work, and I’m wooed. All those colors. And if I go out there, the fragrances and beauty surround me.

That’s why I love God’s presence. Powerfully He presses His glory on us, breathing His wind over us. He heals. He saves. He delights to redeem situations and people. His presence refreshes.

And though I can experience Him at the ocean or in the garden, it’s not a given. I have to be open to His presence while visiting those places. Now, in a church where folks are praying and as a congregation they’re open to God, you can be immersed in His goodness without much effort. Dive in after the others have begun hosting Him.

I think that’s why it’s challenging to experience powerful prayer on our own. In a group, it’s the combined confidence and faith that encourages our faith. But alone, we’re sometimes more skittish, like a lamb. Unsure. Unstable. Unaware of just how much God wants to overwhelm us with His presence, His goodness, His glory. All we have to do is say “yes.”

I want to remain woo-able. All my life. Every day. So God can use the simple moments to remind me of His presence, His love. So the awe of beauty can chase me back to God, Who created it. So the fragrance of jasmine and roses can cause me to lean on His chest, give in again and again to His love.

Are you open to Him? Are you woo-able? If not, but you want to be, take steps in His direction. Tell Him you want more of Him. Then, give Him opportunities to woo you. Visit a place that blesses you (like the ocean or gardens bless me). Pray there. Open up to Him there. And know this: He’s already wooing you. Remember this promise:

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8a NKJV)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Me

Dear Jesus, meet me in my work today
Meet me in my play
Meet me in the garden
And all throughout the day.

Help me keep my eyes on You,
Heart anchored to Your love.
And help me know You’re very near
Not somewhere far above.

Oh, and when we meet, breathe on me…

Fresh life

Fresh revelation of Your love

Renewed strength

I need you near

Meet me