Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call to be Closer

There’s a draw to prayer the last few days. Do you feel it? It's a call to come close to Him, to repent as needed, to agree with Him. Confess. To receive forgiveness and direction.

We can be closer to God. How?

~ Heed the call. When He draws you, go.

~ Follow His directives. Does He want you to act on something? Give? Forgive? Repent? Do it. Restore full fellowship with Him.

~  See His face and His heart, not just what He can do or give. Reminds me of Matthew 6:33—But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

~ Study His Word. Today I pulled out one of my old Bibles. Oh, the highlights and marks. I found Scriptures I’d underlined ten years ago this month. That’s a great feeling. I recommend marking dates in your Bible as you study. It becomes part of your known history. And shows you your own growth chart in God.

~ Pray.

~ Worship. Just adore Him. He’s worthy. And worship sets people free. This season, draw closer to Him. He’s drawing you. Get alone with Him.

There are things He'd like to tell you about the upcoming year, about your life, from His heart. Get close so you can hear Him. Rest your head against His chest, share your heart, and listen.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Longing for Him

I can’t see Him from here. Well, not “Him,” Him, the tiny figure of a baby Him in the nativity set. There’s a wise man in the way.

The crèche sits on the stereo cabinet, stable, figurines, and all the other characters of the story (though the wise men were a little early to the party). 

I long to see Him. Not a baby figurine. Him.

His face.

His glory.

I feel like the hungry visitors must have. “Sir, we would see Jesus.” (see John 12:21, KJV)
By coming as a baby, He made it possible for us to “see” Him, to have access to Him—no wise men in the way. Direct access to His teaching, the Holy Spirit, the Father.

From here, if I wanted to see the figurine, I’d have to get up, walk closer, step in front of the cabinet. Physically, we can’t literally see Him. Yet. But, you can “see” Jesus from wherever you are. Look up; He’s there. God is omnipresent. If you’re longing for Him, it’s because He’s drawing you. Oh, how He longs for you.

He’s using the gift of longing to woo you to Him. Cooperate. And remember one day, we will see Him. Face to face.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seasons for Delighting in Him

I love the sights, sounds, and smells of the Christmas season. Pretty lights, frosted sugar cookies, “Carol of the Bells.” Ahhh…

This morning, my thoughts went to the Bridegroom and how we celebrate His birth at Christmastime. In human relationships, there are certain days for celebrating our bonds, like anniversaries. The Christmas season can be such a time in our relationship with Jesus, (along with Easter). A time when we stop and reflect on all He has done for us. 

Our God, by becoming human, made a way for us to know life, love, joy, hope, peace—all the things we associate with Christmas. He intervened.

Our Bridegroom’s sacrifice was premeditated. In the glorious corridors of heaven, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit saw our need. And Jesus agreed to be the sacrifice for the sake of His creation, for the sake of humanity, for the sake of His bride. 

Christmas, when we commemorate Jesus’s incarnation as a human, is key for that plan. We’re celebrating the launching of that plan. We're made aware of the amazing love of God. The awe-inspiring, undoing, redeeming love of a giving, just, perfect, living God.

This month, pause amidst the snowflakes drifting down, or while the carols play, and just breathe in His love. Celebrate Him as The Gift.

Delight in your Bridegroom God.