A place to share timely prophetic words God gives me.

September 2, 2011
Good prayer meeting tonight, following last night's meeting when the fragrance of God filled the room (Song of Songs 3:6--myrrh and frankincense). Then, I smelled roses as we prayed with bridal worship songs playing in the background.

~~~~~ A word about the season we're in as His people (the Church/the Bride)~~~~
Here's what God is saying to me: 
Revelation 2

This is a season of consecration and prayer. There is a sweet invitation to enter His chambers and sit at His feet. Bring your troubles. Lay them down. Bring your questions and requests. Ask them. Nothing’s off limits. Wondering why the promises are taking so long? Ask. Wanting to see a breakthrough, bring it before Him. Enter in through worship and repentance. Delight in Him. Taste once again and see that He is good. Leave the past behind. Embrace Jesus. 

He’s preparing us for His move. He’s not preparing to move. He’s already had it planned. He’s preparing us for His move—a move couched in holiness and glory and judgment. That’s why we need to consecrate ourselves. We don’t want to miss what He’s doing. On the backside of purging and consecration and refining lies visitation. 

Walk through the fire. Let God purge you. Hold His hand while everything around you is shaken. Trust Him and don’t give up. Cling to Him and obey Him. And know that as we follow through we will see Him. The pure in heart will see God.


Next step: What is God asking you to give up? To go without? To leave behind? (for now or for good?) What unholy thing are you watching or hearing or doing? Or what thing has more of your attention that God?

What are you doing with the gift of hunger?

Hunger is a gift. God lets us get hungry so we’ll feel after Him. If we attempt to assuage that hunger through any other means (food, drugs, sex, entertainment) we’ll miss the purpose of the hunger as well as the purposed end result.

God is stirring up hunger in His Bride, you. Can you feel it? Holy dissatisfaction. It drives us to move. To reach out. But what are you reaching for?

Reach toward God. Be holy. Fast media or food or whatever works when you’re going after God. Be broken. Get open. Re-sensitize your heart. Return to your first love.