Sunday, February 20, 2011

"You Better Believe It"

I watched a passionate verbal exchange between two actors the other night.

She has just proposed to him (oddly enough), and he’s acting all ridiculous, whiny and childlike. “All right, I’ll marry ya,” he says, finally. “Sheesh!”

“Are you sure?” She’s been serious the whole time.

Suddenly he gets serious. His posture changes. His tone’s about to change. One stride and he’s right here. “You bet your life.” And they kiss. The audience goes wild. Such a well-played scene.

Do you ever wonder if Jesus will rescind His offer of marriage? If maybe He’ll realize what a basket case you are (aren’t we all?) and how much time it’ll take until we’re even halfway ready to really be a faithful bride, and maybe change his mind. Even if most of your heart knows He won’t, do you ever wonder if maybe He might?

So, Jesus and I had an exchange the other night, only instead of Him saying, “You bet your life,” He said, “You better believe it.”

Playful. Passionate. But true words, huh? Believing He’s going to keep His promises gets us through the trials, through the waiting, through the doubts, through everything we’ve yet to experience this side of the heavenly aisle. Believing makes all the difference, soothes all the wounds, eases all the worries.

So, you’re standing opposite Jesus, mired in trouble, but hopeful. “Are You sure,” you ask Him. “I’m a mess.”

He strides close, leaving no room for doubts, no room for worries, no room for anything less. “You better believe it.”

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