Friday, June 10, 2011

The Pleasure of Being Invited

My youngest peered up at me, so excited. She’d been invited to her friend’s birthday party! We shopped for a gift, wrapped it up, RSVP’d, and awaited the special day. And then she attended, much to her joy and that of her friends’ who were also there. But her face, her joy at just being invited, delighted me.

You’ve been invited. Invited to know God personally, intimately—in a heart-to-heart relationship of love.

You’ve been invited to His wedding. Not only invited to attend, but it would be His pleasure if you were the bride at this most sacred occasion. His bride.

My husband and I will attend another wedding this summer for friends of ours. Seems this is the season for the 20-somethings to get hitched at our church. What joy! And no one wants to be left out of the celebration.

You haven’t been left out. God knows you want to belong, you need to belong. He’s drawing you. Can you feel it? Someone said something the other day, got you thinking about God in a whole new way, a whole new light. You haven’t acted on what you thought, but this just confirms it’s time.

So, how do you respond?

Say “yes” to God. Just tell Him what you’re thinking and feeling. Have a conversation, a dialogue. You could call it prayer. It’s the beginning of the best relationship you’ll ever have. Try praying this:

Dear Jesus, thank You for drawing me to You. I need You. Please clean up my life, forgive my sins, help me live for You. I believe Your sacrifice on the cross paid for my sins so I could go to heaven, so I could know You, so I could experience Your amazing love. Help me experience Your love. Change me. Heal me. Free me. Amen.

God has sent you an invitation to know Him. Isn’t it time you RSVP’d?

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