Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just His Name

This morning, while out for a walk in our lovely spring weather, I noticed an RV with tiny lettering under the RV's make. Those letters, meant to catch the eye of the discerning reader spelled out: Y E S H U A.

My heart stirred.

His name.

Do you know Jesus as Yeshua? That is His Hebrew name, and likely the name people called Him as He was growing up. It's very personal to me. So, even while out for a walk, the Name seemed whispered in the air as I read it, and my heart awakened.

Like a secret, the Name hid there on the parked RV (which I've passed at least thirty times in recent years) called to me, beckoned me to connect again with the One who is always with me. The Bridegroom.

My Bridegroom.


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