Friday, April 2, 2010

Passionate God

Traditionally, the idea of the Christ’s passion is His suffering at Calvary. In modern terminology we don’t think of passion in terms of pain, generally speaking. But I like this phrase because I believe Jesus’ sacrifice truly showed His passionate heart.

He would do anything for His bride.

~ He is the vehicle God used to create all of the universe. He is the Word.

~ Jesus holds everything together by the Word of His power.

~ He came to redeem creation, to buy back people from the enemy.

~ He suffered in order to redeem us.

Honestly, I can’t camp on His agony very long. I’m extremely sensitive. But God tenderly reveals pieces of the crucifixion at a deeper level, and I’m awed. I’m undone. We share beautiful communion around His sacrifice.

As we continue through this Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday, consider Jesus’ sacrifice as the evidence of His passionate love for you as His bride.

He would do anything for you.

He has.

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