Sunday, May 30, 2010

God's Nearness Every Moment

Today I’m inspired by Gregory Boyd’s fantastic book Present Perfect: Finding God in the Now.

I’ve posted a review over at Net’s Book Notes.

The concept is to remain constantly aware of God’s presence, His nearness, His goodness in the moment.

Over ten years ago I read Brother Lawrence’s Practicing the Presence. This book challenged me to remain aware of God’s nearness in the moment. There is a delicious intimacy to be had in recalling to mind that God is near and engaging with Him in the moment.

It’s the secret place of the mind. We can be about our work or driving or doing whatever activity, but then we keep our hearts focused on Jesus; He is near. He delights in us.

And part of this practice is surrendering our lives to God in the moment, talking through our plans or whatever is on our minds—worries, battles, whatever.

Jesus is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. (see Prov. 18:24) Taking it another step deeper: Jesus is a Lover who sticks closer than a brother. (see Modern KJV of Prov. 18:24)

Have you ever stood gazing on something beautiful in creation? Maybe you’ve hiked a mountain trail, reached the top and stared in awe and wonder at the view before you. Your heart was stirred by the beauty, drawn, opened. God created you to enjoy that moment with Him.

And not just the momentous moments, but every moment. That’s my goal: to spend ever moment with Him. To enjoy Him. To remember He accepts me every time I come. To delight in Him throughout my moments.

I believe that’s God desire for each of us. Will you engage with Him?

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