Thursday, July 15, 2010

God's Wooing Me

God’s wooing me lately. I can feel it. That nudge in the middle of the day to stop and just worship Him. That overwhelming sense of His presence and love during corporate worship as He pours out His Spirit. The ways He speaks to me and ministers to Me through His Word.

He’s answering my prayer to draw me closer to Him.

He’s at work to open my heart through tenderness. Did you know that’s one of God’s secret weapons against cynicism and cold-heartedness? He closes the distance via tenderness. He speaks tenderly to me, reminding me of His love and that we have a bridal relationship.

Last night, I pulled out my guitar (it’s been a while) and just ran through some tunes. A few of them were from years ago. Didn’t matter how old, though, if they were bridal—related to knowing Jesus as the Bridegroom God and recognizing my position as His bride—I was drawn to them. For over an hour I pressed through the zinging pain of tender fingertips and experienced Him in those lyrics.

Before that, I’d spent some time worshiping to tunes on my iPod while reading the Word. Over and over again I was drawn to Scriptures which speak of knowing God and His love. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s definitely a welcome occurrence.

There’s a new tenderness in my heart and a new awareness of God’s nearness and His pursuit of me.

I’m glad He never stops, and I’m very thankful He has sensitized my heart once again to experience Him this way.

He honors prayers for more of Him. If you’re hungry, ask for more. If you’re not hungry, ask Him to make you hungry—to enlarge your heart, and then fill it up with Him.


  1. OK, I am thinking that your bog may be one of the most restful and authentic Christian blogs I've come across in a while! Thank you!

  2. Thank you. :D You're blessing me all over the blogosphere today. Isn't it fun when God makes connections like this? Love Him for that. And so glad you were encouraged here.