Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wooed and Won

It all began when I was a small child. God’s wooing. I heard the salvation message, I tried to respond. Something wasn’t clicking. Then, at church camp the director said you’ll know when you’re saved because you’ll be overcome by joy. Sitting on the bus on the way home, I prayed and accepted Jesus’s gift of salvation. Saved. And joy flooded me.

Fast-forward a few years. A youth group from an Assemblies of God church visited my grandmother’s church, bringing the Holy Spirit and an example of teens living for God with them. “Annette, I’d like you to ‘meet’ the Holy Spirit.” “Holy Spirit, have your way with Annette.” I fell in love with God after that as I spent hours in my room communing with Jesus.

I fell in love with Him again (also during a season of prayer) many years later.

Picking up my journals, I scanned them this year, pulling nuggets, reliving trials. Recognizing how God had moved in my life, changing me, wooing me closer.

I’m His. No matter what. There’s nowhere else to go.

I’ve been wooed and won by Jesus.

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