Monday, December 19, 2011

Longing for Him

I can’t see Him from here. Well, not “Him,” Him, the tiny figure of a baby Him in the nativity set. There’s a wise man in the way.

The crèche sits on the stereo cabinet, stable, figurines, and all the other characters of the story (though the wise men were a little early to the party). 

I long to see Him. Not a baby figurine. Him.

His face.

His glory.

I feel like the hungry visitors must have. “Sir, we would see Jesus.” (see John 12:21, KJV)
By coming as a baby, He made it possible for us to “see” Him, to have access to Him—no wise men in the way. Direct access to His teaching, the Holy Spirit, the Father.

From here, if I wanted to see the figurine, I’d have to get up, walk closer, step in front of the cabinet. Physically, we can’t literally see Him. Yet. But, you can “see” Jesus from wherever you are. Look up; He’s there. God is omnipresent. If you’re longing for Him, it’s because He’s drawing you. Oh, how He longs for you.

He’s using the gift of longing to woo you to Him. Cooperate. And remember one day, we will see Him. Face to face.

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