Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Eagle in the Clearing


The ice storm is over. And I have a new view from my office window. The view of more sky and less tree branch. The ice caked onto every outdoor surface. There that ½ to 1 inch of ice remained overnight. Weighing down branches and power lines. Some branches couldn’t hold up.

As I stared outside today at the new opening in my view at the dead trees in the distance (or dead-looking—it is winter), I asked God, “This is my new view. Why? Better view of the sunsets? More light?” I spend a lot of time in my prayer garden (the very area of this new view) in better weather. I do enjoy the sunny evenings as the sun descends on that side of the yard.

And as I waited, studying the new “hole” in the sky due to the lack of a few branches, I saw an eagle soar into view in that new opening. A bald eagle. So majestic. So capable.

We get eagles here from time to time; it’s a symbolic bird in my life. On a recent writing retreat, my dear friend and I found eagles soaring by and ran to get our cameras. On our climb back to our unit up the steep hill, I thought, I wonder if any of the eagles landed in the trees above us. (see photo) I’d never been that close (though the bird was about 40-50 feet up) to a perched eagle.

On my birthday a few years ago, God sent eagles to visit another of my friends and me. I’ve seen them during family picnics at the lake. Sometimes during very important “moments” in my life.

So, what do eagles do? They soar high above the ground. They soar. They have a view of the big picture. They’re “king” of the birds.

The Bible has lots of verses about eagles. I think I’ll do a study. I’ve quoted verses about eagles plenty of times.

One thing the eagle is doing for me today is drawing me closer to God. He sent that eagle in that moment. I’ve looked out several times since I first saw the huge bird and it hasn’t returned. It was only there during that questioning moment.

I think sometimes God clears the “clutter” so we can see Him better. Another lesson of the fallen branches.

May you see answered prayer today and know that God is working in your life! And may that evidence draw you ever nearer to the Bridegroom. 

(photos copyright Annette M. Irby 2012 and Ocieana Fleiss 2011 respectively) 

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