Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wooing Season

It’s a new season. Can you feel it? God is wooing His people close again. I’ve seen similar seasons come around before. The key is to respond, to be “wooable” and draw close to God in this grace-filled hour. There’s a great reward for those who cooperate. (Genesis 15:1)

I love this physical time of year (spring) because of all the beauty and new life coming up. I love gardening and the smell of flowers. The sight of a well-appointed garden blesses me. God created the beauty. It was His idea. Knowing that, I feel Him nearer in those moments.

There’s a saying that we worship God with our actions. Mowing the lawn can be worshiping God if we do it unto Him. I think it’s more than that. Worshiping God—truly connecting with God—is opening your heart to Him and feeling Him draw love out of you even while He refreshes you. It’s abandonment with a sole focus on Him. (not another activity, like lawn mowing, going back to my example) (Perhaps the better way to say it is that our lives are lived in service to Him, but that’s the subject of another post.) Worship is abandonment to God.

Abandoning ourselves is both the call and the response of the wooing season. He draws us. We experience the astounding pleasure of His powerful presence, and we abandon ourselves. And as we abandon ourselves (which is what He’s wanting/calling us to do), the pleasure persists, our hearts open, and the cycle continues.

Best part of this whole thing is no one’s left out. 

God’s wooing you. How will you respond?

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