Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loving God From Here

So many times as I learn new lessons in life, shame tries to tag along. Like, why didn’t I know that already? Or why am I still watching God speak to this area or that area of my life? Why don’t I have all these things in line yet? 

But guess what? God doesn’t condemn us for being imperfect. 

Astonishing, I know. 

In fact, even though we’re struggling, He’s got an invitation for us. An invitation to love Him from here. 

Wherever you are, love Him from there. Don’t hold back just because you’re not perfect yet. Don’t let shame come on you as you learn new things or when you fail. Just keep loving God.

Nothing can separate us from God’s love. God’s invitation remains to love Him.

Trials or good times, love Him from there.

Never been this way before? Love Him from there.

Feeling far from God? He’s closer than you think. Love Him from there.  

Self-doubts, inferiority, shame, regret? Let go of all that and love God from there. Like setting down a bushel basket so you can hug someone, set everything else aside and love on God.

No matter where you are, what’s happened, or what’s happening, love God from there.

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