Monday, August 9, 2010

God's Kind Words

Distractions got the best of me this morning during my daily devotions. I had snuck away to my writing office. No one else was awake. Time to meet with God. Ahhh . . . . Open the Bible, turn on the music, light a candle and . . . in walks my preschooler.

Do distractions frustrate you during your quiet times, too?

I set boundaries, telling her I was going to have my “Bible time” and tried to focus on the Scripture passage before me. But nothing clicked. I read a few chapters here and there, following my semi-plan. *grin*

Then, desperate for a real connection with God, I turned to the Song of Songs and tried to find meaningful sustenance. Something that spoke to me where I was. Something to commune with God around.

Scripture after Scripture, but I couldn’t sense His presence. Then, My eyes landed on the wonderful words of Song 1:8a, MSG ---

If you can't find me,
loveliest of all women,
it's all right...

How beautiful is that? He knew how frustrated I was with not feeling connected, with the distractions of my early-riser and my hope to experience His tangible presence this morning. And He spoke directly to me. “Don’t worry. I’m right here. And I’ll still affirm you, even if you can’t feel My presence.”

But then, later today, as I sat working at my computer, His presence poured out thick over me as I listened to worship music. So beautiful. So real. So delicious.

He understands better than we think. Hang onto that. He sees. He knows. He loves. He affirms.

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