Friday, August 6, 2010

Resting In His Love

My pup watches me for opportunities to jump up in my lap and rest. His favorite place to take a nap? My lap. Well, one of his favorites. (Just ask the rest of my family members, who all have laps *grin*.)

So, as I worked at my computer today and Jack rested on my lap, the lyrics of the song I had playing behind the scenes repeated a phrase:

resting in His love

Reminds me, I can rest in God’s love.

Every time I see something in my life that needs changing, I can relax and rest in God’s love. My job is to cooperate with Him. Leave the rest to Him. This keeps me from condemning myself.

Every time I mess up. (see above *grin*)

Every time I wonder what’s next. He’s got good plans. (Jeremiah 29:11)

His love helps me trust Him.

Knowing Him in His love helps me find rest. If you’re looking for rest or peace, turn to God and consider His love. Meditate on His love by finding Scriptures which speak directly to this element. Interact with Him based on His love. Let His love reassure you. And find rest.

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