Thursday, September 2, 2010

Through the Lens of Love

Surprise us with love at daybreak;
then we'll skip and dance all the day long.

(from Psalm 90:12, MSG)

Isn’t that beautiful? I spotted that verse after my daily reading the other morning and immediately felt that God was speaking to me of His love. He likes to comfort us and minister to us.

In a recent DVD teaching series, we heard about God’s Word (the Bible) being God’s love letter to us. Do you read His Word as if it’s His love letter?

I once heard a teacher say he used a highlighter in his Bible to underline any passage that expressed God’s love. He went on a specific search for verses having to do with God’s love and read the Scriptures through that lens of love. Whenever he’d find a verse which demonstrated God’s love, he’d highlight it in yellow. He said Ephesians in his Bible was pretty much spray painted in yellow and just when he thinks he’s underlined everything, another verse would surprise him with God’s love at its core.

Why not read the Scriptures as if they were written as a love letter to you?

This may be a new perspective for you. If so, seeing the Scriptures this way may not come easily. There’s a secret to it. Here’s what you do: ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and tenderize your heart as you read. Don’t read too quickly, you might miss something.

Give it a try.

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